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Turned Wood Artistry by Richard E Erickson

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These are MY choices and recommended items. You don't have to agree and may know many others. That's OK, as I'm just trying to steer you on a constructive journey. Remember, I am always ready to help in any way I can so Email me if you feel the need: 

Bill Kandler ".A Learning Experience" DVD. For the beginner and even people like me.                       Something new for everyone and all skill levels.          

Bill Kandlers Book " A Good Start" 
I have two as one is almost worn out. A great book
no matter how good you are at turning.
                                  Go to:
Malcolm Tibbetts Book " The Art of Segmented Turning" 
A 'Must Have' for the segmented turner. For the advanced learner.
Hours of great instruction and interesting reading. Full of tricks.
Malcolm now has 7 (seven) DVDs for those that like to watch before they try.
They include many answers to difficult problems while segmenting as well as tips and tricks. A real bargain.
                                  Go to:
                                  Click on 'Book and DVD Instruction'
Magazine Publication " Woodturning Design"
The Ultimate Woodturning publication. First on my list of one.
Cover to cover the greatest magazine.
                                  Go to:
Software - Kevin Neeley Go to:
My first software purchase and still in use.
              - Bill Kandler  Go to:
This will do it all for most turners. Outstanding software. I spend
hours playing with designs in this program. I love it.