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Turned Wood Artistry by Richard E Erickson

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 The best prices for wood turned Pens and Stylus Pens or just  plain Stylus


A handy, small, purse or pocket size, attractive pen.  The stylus reduces the charge to a smaller point then the finger tip, creating a better response to your  instrument.

4 inch Stylus Pen
Small Pen with Stylus. $25.00 including shipping US48

For those that wish for something a little bit longer, this slim beauty is perfect. Attractive and functional.

5 1/4 inch Stylus Pen
Slim Pen with Stylus.$26.00 including shipping

Something outstanding and very special. A proud beauty. Has a powerful feel as well as looks.

Sierra Vista Stylus Pen An eye catcher
Smooth writting and Class as a Stylus.Ebony body.. $100.00 including shipping

To keep your Stylus handy, it plugs into the earphone jack on your phone. Small size makes texting a pleasure.

Cord plugges into earphone jack. Easy find
Stylus 2 1/4" aprox. $21.00 or 2 for $36.00 including shipping

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